Office Cleaning NYC – Do You Know the Dirtiest Parts of Your Office?

The kitchen, the bathroom, and the break room are used daily by numerous people in your office, and the germs are inevitable. You likely go through your work day rarely considering the parts of your office that are dirty yet your workplace is one of the dirtiest places you spend your time.
Do You Know the Dirtiest Parts of Your Office?
For instance, a desktop has 21,000 germs per square inch, and that’s an item that you alone are using. It’s important to consider how many germs are on the items you and 45 other people are sharing. The facts will likely entice you to spend your break cleaning or hire a professional: that’s where Blue Chip Maintenance comes in.

The Bathroom

If we asked you what the dirtiest part of your office is, you likely would have said the bathroom as your first guess and you’d be correct. The bathroom in an office space is typically filthy. When a toilet is flushed, whether at home or at a public place, the toilet will spray some of the water about 100 centimeters at least. The stall lock, the toilet paper holder, and the stall door have all been sprayed. In fact, the large majority of the bathroom likely has. Many people do not wash their hands after using the bathroom, blowing their nose, etc. Those people will then touch the bathroom sink handle and the door handle. To avoid touching a dirty handle after washing, use a paper towel.

The Coveted Coffee Pot

Most of us would be lost without the coveted coffee pot at work. We are all grateful for that hot coffee that is ready and waiting for us when we walk in the door each morning. However, read any further and you might commit to bringing your own coffee in each morning. A study was conducted that revealed a coffee pot handle has 34 times more germs than a school toilet seat. The large majority of people in the office are drinking the coffee which means that every hand in your office has touched that pot, resulting in a germ covered coffee put much to our dismay.

Your Keyboard

Although you are usually the only one using your keyboard, your hands touch a lot of different items in between typing those e-mails and word documents. From the handle opening the door into the building to the handle on the fridge in the lunch room, we transfer all of those germs to our keyboard when we use it. Many employees often eat at their desk as well. Whether you snack on almonds or devour a peanut butter and jelly, that food gets transferred to your keyboard and wedged in the cracks, making your keyboard a breeding ground for bacteria.

To do your part in maintaining a healthy office environment, wash your hands as often as you can, sanitize your desk space once or twice a week, and stay home from work when sick. Although your office is going to be inevitably filled with germs, you should do your best to eliminate them if possible.

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